Title: Contradictions


Rating: NC-17 (Or 17+, if you have issues with the old rating system.)


Category: Rodney/Cadman/Carson smut with a side of angst.


Summary: Rodney is a stud. Sex ensues. (I suck at summaries. Basically, itís a short bit of OT3 porn.)


Authorís Note: It seems that I have fallen into the habit of blaming control_freak80 for everythingóthis included. Itís actually an old piece that I wrote for something else, but realized worked disturbingly well for this rather odd threesome with only a few well-placed tweaks. So, here it is: my first OT3 piece. I feel like I should do a ďHail MaryĒ prayer or something. And Iím not even Catholic.




Heís not sure how it started, where the progression from three coworkers (friends, even) sitting in a lab jumped tracks and slipped into the seduction of skin sliding against skin. All he knows is that now two pairs of hands grasp at him, two sets of lips traverse his body, and heís never been this out of his mind and this sane at the same time.

Rodney doesnít want to waste time thinking, not when Cadmanís long blonde locks are dragging across his chest as her mouth moves down his neck, not while Carsonís surprisingly certain hands travel up his body. The two pause every once and awhile to kiss each other and the sight of that does something to him that he canít quite explain.

The voice in his head has gone silent, no berating remarks and scathing self-doubt, so for once Rodney is left on his own to process it all. He doesnít get further than trying to register the feeling of it; how his senses are swamped up in the chill of the tile on the floor and the warmth of skin surrounding him, how Cadman tastes in that spot just under her belly button, the sound of Carson gasping for air as Rodneyís own mouth closes around the other manís cock.

He never once thought heíd find himself in this position, but in this insane moment, he doesnít bother to question why it doesnít feel wrong. He will later, he knows thatóheíll tear all of this apart and analyze it so much that it will stop making sense even in his own memory, become nothing more than fractured images of camaraderie that morphed into sexuality when he wasnít paying attention. For now, though, just for once, his scientific mind puts its need to know the whys of things on hold, just enjoying the feeling of Carsonís hands tangled in his hair and the heat of Cadman as he somehow manages to slip his fingers inside of her (a place he had only previously dared to dream about when he was alone in the shower).

The other man is close now, gasping and desperate and gloriously unashamed, any inhibitions now disappearing in the overwhelming need for release, in the need for him. When he finally breaks, body bowing and a sound escaping his mouth thatís somewhere between a groan and a whimper, Rodney isnít disgusted or shocked. In fact, the only emotions he can find inside himself at that crucial moment are overwhelming pride and something that he doesnít quite recognize, but he suspects might be joy. He did that, he made the man he called his friend so incoherent that he even stopped calling for God and thought only of the now, and thereís a power and satisfaction in that.

Images blur together, sensations run one into the other in a rushing tide. Cadman is still striving and desperate and since they shared both a body and a fate, Rodneyís known that heíd never be able to deny her anything, not one snarky comment or offer of help and certainly not this, so he moves his fingers a little harder, a little faster. Carson, who seems to be slowly recovering, manages to move a hand to the lower portion of her back, pushing and caressing the skin there because somehow both men instinctively know it will drive her mad.

It does and before Rodney can register much of anything but a flurry of efficient, military-trained movement, heís inside of her, white light washing out his senses at the heat now surrounding him. Despite every claim heís ever made to the contrary, every time heís teased her or yelled at her since the incident, he knows now that this is what heís always wanted, always needed on some level. He just didnít expect it to be quite like thisófinding out that being inside of her while she gasps and pleads is only half of it is more than a little disconcerting. Nevertheless, itís the fact that heís being kissed by Carson over her shoulder, lips and teeth and tongue clinging together that makes the whole thing right.

As he pushes forward desperately, he stops distinguishing them in his mind. Both sets of hands are driving him mad, both mouths make him want to scream, to do anything just so long as they promise not to stop. Heís inside of Cadman and Carsonís fingers are where they are joined, making her whimper and thrash and finally come with a wail because itís too good to be kept inside. Rodney knows heís not far behind and the sight of them both has stopped processing, itís just all them surrounding him and against him and making the world stop as he finally, finally lets it all go in a rush of heat, light, and sound that makes even the confines of his own body stop existing.

It seems like forever before things around him start to be recognizable again, before he can distinguish one sense from another. He is content for a moment, just the single one that he allows himself to relish before beginning to tear it all down. In that one moment of clarity, he sees how the three of them pretending to work late turned into thisóbecause Cadman was seated between the two of them humming something teasing and playful and somehow Carsonís hand had been playing in the hair at the nape of Rodneyís neck (he wasnít sure why or how) and of course it had all led to this because this was how it should be.

Even later, well after the fear and confusion and the paralyzing effects of angst and self-importance have settled in and theyíve all parted ways because theyíre not sure how to look each other in the eyes anymore without it becoming a repeat performance, heíll remember that one moment where it all seemed simple, that one moment where the heat of their skin was pressed up against his own and that alone made the rest of the world insignificant. And itís only then that his genius brain begins to understand that the words simple and complicated arenít the contradictions everyone would have you believe.