Title: Déjà Vu

Author: Christi (daisycm83@gmail.com)

Disclaimer: Seriously? Seriously.

Pairing: Some min!Sam/mini!Jack and a very tiny bit (hardly anything at all, just flirting silliness) of Cam/Vala.

Author’s Note: Um, so waaaay, waaaay back during the whole timestamp meme business, familyarchives asked for five years after Division. So this is like a mini-epilogue or something. Damn her. Also, appallingly unbeta’d. So.


Some visuals, Vala decided, just made you stop and take stock. Take the one currently in fromt of her, for example – Cameron Mitchell hunched behind a curtain in the infirmary, leaning at what seemed an impossible angle.

“Cameron, what exactly are you do—“ she started before his head snapped towards her and he flailed a bit, hushing her.

“Nothing! Quiet!”

Small chance of that,” she muttered. “Honestly, what’s going on?”

“Oh, for—come here!” he ordered, pulling her to his side. “Now shhh. I'm eavesdropping.”

“And you didn’t call me? I’m hurt. Eavesdropping is one of the only fun things to do around here. You find out the most interesting things. Things like the details of Dr. Lam’s off hours – she makes me look boring. And that Jennifer Hailey apparently has a crush on you. Or that you think that I have a too many guts and a fantastic—“

A firm hand over her mouth finally stopped the chatter. Vala. You’ve made it quite clear that you are adorable with the talking and the grinning and the trouble-making. But seriously, for once, just shut up, okay? There’s something wacky going on.”

With wide eyes, she nodded until he removed his hand. “Fine. But we’re coming back to the discussions of my various charms later.”

“Don’t we always? Now, let me listen.”

Curious as to what had Cameron so worked up, Vala listened as well – and was promptly just as confused as her partner in crime.

“I’m just saying, it’s weird to be back. Especially since we’re not really…back.” A man’s voice said.

“We’re in the infirmary. How much more back do you think we’re going to get?” A second replied.

“Well, sure, but it’s just for a check-up. Not a real…thing.”

Jack, did you just call the impending birth of our first child ‘not a real thing’?” A disturbingly familiar female voice said.

“You know what I mean! We’re only here to get them to give some doctor out in Chicago security clearance. No world saving or shooting or wacky alien experiences.”

“Jack, we are the wacky alien experience.”

Right. I keep forgetting that.”

An exasperated sigh could be heard. “Why don’t you come over here and pay some attention to the wife you knocked up?”

“You know, I seem to recall a cliché about there needing to be two to-“


Yeah, Sam?”

Hit him for me.”

From the following noises, Vala was pretty certain that someone slapped someone, but whether it was the way the girl had intended was unclear – along with pretty much everything else. And before they could listen too much longer, the girl spoke again.

“T, why are you hovering over by the curtain?”

I am attempting to ascertain who is listening to our conversation,” a fourth, deeper voice, replied.

Predictably, after an outraged exclamation, the curtain was yanked back, exposing Cameron and Vala’s hiding spot – as well as revealing the four figures they had been listening to so intently.

Except that the speakers appeared to be little more than…children. Well, young, anyway. And while they were vaguely familiar, they really…weren’t at all. “Um, hello?” Vala offered with a grin.

The four of them just stared for a few moments. “Who are you?” the first speaker, apparently named Jack, asked.

“Who are we?” Cameron exclaimed with incredulity. “Who are you?”

“We’re classified,” the girl on the bed said with a smile. “You really shouldn’t be in here.”

And with that, the big black kid who had discovered them proceeded to usher them out the door. Standing in the hall, Vala found herself remarkably without words. “That was…odd,” she finally managed.

“You’re not kidding,” Cameron agreed. “Like déjà vu all over again. Except not, obviously.”

She eyed him. “You do realize that I’m not actually from this planet, right? Half the time, I have no idea what you’re saying.”

He grinned. “Then let’s change the subject.”

“Yes, let’s. I seem to remember something about me being adorable, which is, of course, obvious. But I could stand to hear more….”