Title: It’s Like Red (But Not Quite)


Author: Christi (christim@comcast.net)


Rating: 17+


Category: Alpha!Cam/Vala smut with a side of fluffy silliness. (How is this possible, you ask? It’s Vala, say I. Ask not why.)


Timeline: The Ties That Bind, directly after Vala’s little scene with Daniel.


Summary: Pink it's my new obsession/Pink it's not even a question/Pink on the lips of your lover, 'cause/Pink is the love you discover….


Author’s Note: COMPLETELY SPINELESS, I AM. woodface insisted on looking cute, and so I caved and thus, fic was born. And it’s weird, as per usual. The title and summary are ripped from an Aerosmith song, and while I think woodface shall find it amusing because of a question over what color, exactly, Vala is wearing here, the rest of you shall go, “What does that have to do with the fic?”. In my brain, the title also relates in a strange metaphorical way to Daniel and Cameron and the whole “somewhat limited although intriguing gene pool” comment. As always, control_freak80 provided beta-ing services, so thanks.




When she enters her quarters after her resounding failure to seduce Daniel, Vala expects to be greeted by an empty room and the prospect of an extremely boring evening.


Instead, she finds herself face to face with Cameron Mitchell, who’s leaning against the back wall of the room nonchalantly, acting as though such a thing wasn’t unusual in the slightest.


Intrigued, Vala closes the door and waits for some explanation.


She doesn’t miss the careful way his eyes scan up her body, lingering in all the right places, or the small smirk that tilts his mouth up on one side. “Having fun?” he asks dryly, gesturing to her bathrobe ensemble.


At the reminder of her recent snub, Vala frowns. “None at all, unfortunately.”


He nods slowly, pushing away from the wall and walking towards her with a lazy, self-assured sort of amble that completely captures her frustrated sexual drive’s interest. His smirk only grows, as though he knows exactly what his little performance is doing to her, and he says softly, “You will be.”


Eyes narrowing—because after all, who said he was allowed to direct this little interlude?—she tilts her chin up to gaze at him. “Promises, promises.”


All dark eyes and delightful testosterone, his only reply is a gruff, “Shut up.”


His continued advance pushes her back, and before she can really register that she’s already lost the upper hand, she’s plastered against the closed door, trapped by warm weight of Cameron’s body. She’d normally be annoyed at this, but somehow, his teeth scraping at her neck are too distracting to bother with anything else.


“Here’s how it’s going to be,” Cameron says as he works his way up her neck and around her ear and just there, already managing to make her squirm. “You’re going to do exactly as I say.”


As talented as he is, the idea of that makes her smile incredulously. “Dear, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.”


His teeth sink down just a little harder into her collarbone and she gasps because the added threat is just that much better. “If you don’t do exactly as I say, I’ll leave.”


Normally, she’d have no problem calling his bluff, but she’s been bored for days and he’s right here and so very talented with that mouth that the idea of leaving before working out some of her very taught frustrations makes her actually whimper with displeasure.


“That’s what I thought,” is Cam’s reply. “Now, take off that robe.”


Her hands are working at the knot before she’s consciously made the decision, and idly she thinks that it really has been too long if she’s already trembling after nothing more than some light necking. But then the robe is off and his calloused hands are on her stomach and back and cupping her ass, tilting her up just enough. “Interesting outfit,” he says in her ear, following it with a dry thrust against her that makes her gasp for air.


“Yes, well, Daniel seems like the sort who likes his women wide-eyed and sweet, pigtails and pink,” she manages on a rush of air, digging her nails into the nape of Cameron’s neck and hooking one leg around his waist.


Cam’s chuckle is low and oh-so-very-fuckable. “I knew Jackson had to be an idiot about something. Take it off.”


She has no qualms about stripping down, just wanting the clothing offoffoff so he’ll get back to work. Instead, once she’s nude, he just scans her body up and down again before issuing another order. “Turn around.”


As this is turning out to be quite a fun game, Vala complies. The movement leaves her vulnerable, facing the door, unable to predict his movements until hands are on her skin, positioning her. “Now, you have to be quiet,” he points out in an almost sing-song tone. “And you have to be still. Because your guards are right outside the door.”


She leans her forehead against the cool surface with a muffled groan, because it’s one thing to joke about being caught with Daniel and a whole different thing for it to be real. Still, she can’t have him knowing that. “What makes you think that would bother me?”


He’s right behind her now, hands on her breasts and stomach and inside her and God that’s just right. “Oh, I don’t think it bothers you at all.”


Spreading her legs a little wider, Vala can’t help but wonder how in the world she nearly missed discovering this delightfully twisted side of him. His mouth is working its way down her spine and his fingers are still moving just right and all she wants right now is for him not to—


He stops.


On the edge, she starts to turn around in protest, in demand, but his hands slam down over hers, pinning them to the door, her arms stretched straight, ass in the air and legs spread ridiculously wide. His body covers hers from behind, green khaki scratching against pale skin. “Exactly. As. I. Say,” he whispers once again and she growls in aggravation.


“Why are you still dressed?” she asks, trying to distract herself from the knowledge that she’s so worked up that even the stimulation of her long hair brushing against her hypersensitive skin is driving her mad.


“Because it bugs you,” he replies over the sound of a zipper and then, with one smooth thrust he’s inside her and all she can think is how it’s About. Bloody. Time.


His hands slide down to her hips, anchoring her for one thrust after another. It’s a good thing, too, because her legs are shaking and her fingers are scratching futilely at the metal of the door and she just knows if he wasn’t holding her up, pushing her harder against him, that she’d have collapsed by now. Vaguely she wonders how he got so worked up, because she barely did anything at all—but then, maybe he’s just that good.


No, she decides, it is much more probable that she is just that hot.


When one hand works its way down to her clit and gives it a firm pinch, she comes harder than she has in years and the details stop mattering.


Vaguely, she registers his teeth biting into the nape of her neck as he follows her over the edge, but it takes all her energy just to remain upright and draw air into her lungs, so she doesn’t care—besides, her hair is long enough to cover the inevitable mark.


Somehow, they work their way over to a chair and collapse, sweaty and disheveled and entirely too pleased with themselves. Admittedly still a bit taken aback at this new turn of events, Vala takes a moment to gather herself before moving. Finally, she pats his cheek and says, “If you can repeat that fabulous performance again this evening, this planet shall officially become one of my favorite.”


“One of?” he asks, smiling.


“Top ten, at least.”


Cameron laughs and kisses her nose and somehow, she finds the gesture…not horribly annoying. “And here I was shooting for top five.”


She straddles his lap and kisses his nose right back, because strangely, it’s sort of fun. “A lofty ambition, indeed. But I’m afraid you’ve got considerable competition.”


He grins up at her, absurdly self-assured. “I’m not worried.”


Honestly, Vala’s not certain that he should be.