Title: X-Ray Vision


Author: Christi


Pairing: Davis/Lorne (Judge not, people. Judge not.)


Author’s Notes: For the timestamp meme. Control_freak80 wanted two years after Leaping Tall Buildings. Wacko.




It was one of the first things Paul Davis noticed when he arrived at Atlantis. Well, maybe not one of the first, but in this tranquil environment of blues and purples, it was certainly something that stood out. But you can’t exactly inquire about the underwear of every single man in the ready room without raising some pointed questions that are usually better off unasked, so he turned his attention to other things.


When the mission he came he for was over, however, and Paul was trying to distract himself from the thought of what is sure to be some truly outstanding reunion sex with Lorne, it’s once again the first thing that popped into his mind. And somehow, he found that he can’t quite not ask. “So,” he said conversationally to John Sheppard while everyone was cleaning up. “Will it be weird if I ask about the underwear?”


To his credit, Sheppard’s only reaction was a non-committal shrug. “I think I’d probably be more surprised if you didn’t.”


“Ah. So…?”


All he got was another shrug. “We don’t know how it happened. The laundry staff swears they do all the whites together, but obviously something has gone haywire. And somehow, no one has ever thought to put in a requisition for bleach.”


“I don’t mind,” Ronon volunteered from a corner. “Teyla has a thing for it.”


From his own corner of the room, McKay grimaced. “You know, I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s official – there really are some things that I don’t need to know.”


Ronon didn’t respond, other than looking fairly smug on his way out the door. It was the end of the conversation until a few hours later, when Lorne had him up against the wall of his room and Paul was busy trying to get him naked as quickly as possible.


As Lorne’s pants fell to the floor, Paul found that he couldn’t help but mention it. “Your underwear dyed all of their underwear pink.”


A stifled snort of laughter emerged from Lorne’s mouth, which reluctantly pulled away from Paul’s neck. “That’s your fault, not mine. You and your superhero complex.”


Paul was pretty certain there was something faulty about that logic, but he couldn’t quite figure out what when Lorne’s hands were doing that. “Do they know it was your underwear that did it?” he gasped out finally.


“Are you kidding? The Marines would kill me. Besides, I think it’s fantastic. This way, every time McKay is being particularly obnoxious, all I have to do is imagine him in nothing but those pastel pink briefs. Amazing how it never fails to cheer me up.”


The only logical response was laughter, and Paul pulled Lorne closer for a kiss. “You’re evil,” he informed him seriously, kissing him yet again. “I missed you.”


His admission makes Lorne grin. “How much, exactly?”


So Paul Davis, ever the good soldier, took it upon himself to show him.