This is a collection of the various pieces of fic I've written that don't have anything to do with either of the Stargate universes. They are a varied and somewhat odd bunch, but I have a strange fondness for them.

Harry Potter

Another fandom I have absolutely no intention of writing in more than I already have. There was just this one cracktastic idea that wouldn't let go....

Padfoot and the Hogwarts Howler

PG. Harry Potters gets scrambled with Scooby Doo and what's left is this weird universe that's not quite either genre, but something all its own. August '06.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Not a fandom I'm ever likely to write in again, but there was one particular story I wanted to tell within its confines, and just the one. Because John Munch does not get enough love, damnit.

By Its Cover

R. Detective Munch stumbles upon something unexpected. May '06.


My love for this show has steadily grown into a deep-rooted thing, and I actually hope to write plenty more fic for it. There's just something flawless about the whole cast that attracts me, and their characters are lovely and dynamic and fun.

Look After You

PG. Tony finds a somewhat unwelcome surprise at his front door one morning.... November '06.

Rest in Pieces

PG. Tony tries to hold things together after Gibbs leaves NCIS.... August '06.

X-Men Movie!verse (Wolverine/Rogue)

I've never been a comic reader, so I know very little about this fandom outside of my deep seated love for the first two movies. However, part of that love was a slight obsession with Rogue/Wolverine as a pairing, so here are the two meager works I wrote in honor of that love.

This Is The Way We....

PG. Alternate universe fic. Marie and Logan still meet, and there's still snow and snark. But this time, the only problems they have to contend with are their own internal ones. Plus, y'know, those meddling X-Men. June '05.

With A Cherry On Top

PG. Post X2. Sundae toppings and itchy feet make for interesting midnight snack discussions.... April '05.

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     Disclaimer: I do not own any of these universes. Though that in itself is a tragedy.