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Double Pointed Needles

by Christi and Ryuu


As she eyed her new present from Jack, Cassie realized one very important thing – it didn’t really matter what planet you were on - adults were weird throughout the universe.

“Wow. That’s…fuzzy.”

“It’s a winter hat.” Jack explained, rocking back on his heels and stuffing his hands in his pockets. “For your head.”

“I know what a hat is, Jack.”

“Oh. Good. See, this one I made for you has a pom-pom and everything.”

He said this like it was a good thing. But she couldn’t say that, because… “You made these?”

Again, the proud look. “Yup. But, uh, don’t tell the Doc, mmkay?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” In an effort to stop staring at the over-sized pom-pom donning the top of her new hat, Cassie turned to the second half of the present, which had her even more confused. "What are these for?"

"Did it ever snow on Hanka?"

"Sometimes. Not a lot."

"Well, these help keep your hands warm."

"They look funny." Honestly, she vaguely remembered some traders coming through the Stargate once who had ears shaped very much like the items she held.

"They keep your hands warmer than gloves." Jack grinned. "Especially during snowball fights."

Cassie continued to look skeptical. "Okay...but how are you supposed to pick up a snowball in the first place?"

"Scoop it up and pack it together with your mittens," Jack demonstrated with an imaginary snowball. "You'll love it. We'll throw lots of them at Daniel."

"Jan...Mom says I'm not supposed to throw things at people. Or at least, she did when I threw paint at Bobby Johnson’s head.”

"Oh." Jack paused for a moment. "Well, yeah. She's right about not throwing most things at people, but snowballs are different." He patted Cassie on the shoulder. "How about we ask her if snowballs are okay?"

"Okay." Cassie slipped on one of the mittens and wiggled her fingers around a bit experimentally. When she reached up and managed to grab Jack's nose, she felt satisfied. "I guess you can still grab things."

"Hey!" Jack tried not to grin as he reached out and ruffled her hair. "Watch the nose, shorty."

"I'm not short!" she exclaimed, annoyed.

"Shorter'n me." Jack smirked a bit.

"Well, yeah, but you're freakishly tall."

"You know," Jack sing-songed, "I seem to recall someone being very ticklish..."

Just the threat made her eyes widen. "You wouldn't.”

"Oh, wouldn't I?"

She slid a few steps to the right, just out of his easy reach. "You would. Alien weirdo."

"I'm the alien here!?"

She merely shrugged. "You are to me."

"Touché." Jack grinned. "Try on the hat."

"It's summertime.”

"Just for a minute?" Jack shot her the puppy-eyes.

She glared at him, but pulled the hat over her long brown hair. Watching his reaction, her glare increased. "I look like a dork."

"A nice, toasty dork," Jack agreed, chuckling. "Ice cream?"

"Two scoops." After all, she reflected, it was only fair.

"Wanna see if Carter wants some too?

"Sure. At least Sam won't tell me that I look like a dork."

“You're a cute dork, munchkin," Jack replied fondly.

She rolled her eyes, lacing her arm through his. "Whatever, alien weirdo."

Jack laughed, reaching over and ruffling her hair again. Cassie just sighed and scrambled to keep up with him as he strode across the park.

The things you did for grown-ups.

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