Once upon a time, there were three girls who loved both the Jack/Sam pairing and knitting. Somehow, these loves eventually converged, creating the Stitches AU. While based on a fairly simple concept, the Stitches AU actually ended up being a massive project, reimagining the entirety of SG-1 based on one very simple concept: knitting = love.

It sounds a little crazy, we know. But give it a chance. We are firmly convinced that knitting makes everything better. Pretty soon, maybe you will be, too.

Casting On

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Brief Candle. The first story of the Stitches AU, wherein Christi shamelessly uses an OC to get the idea rolling.

Double-Pointed Needles

PG. Written by Christi and Ryuu. Post-Singularity. Because we do not get enough Jack and Cassie together (or really, enough of any Cassie at all) in the series, we take it upon ourselves to alter this sad state of affairs....

Weight of the Worsted Kind

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Solitudes. Jack gets some resolution to his life from before the Stargate...via divorce papers.

Stitch Marker

PG. Written by Christi. Post-The Serpent's Lair. Jack realizes that somehow, he's found himself a team.

Seed Stitch

PG. Written by Ryuu. Post-In the Line of Duty. Sam's still having problems recovering, and Jack is there for her. ...Or is he?


PG. Written by Christi. During Need. Daniel's in withdrawal and Jack's there to watch over him.

Stocking Yet?

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Message in a Bottle. While recovering from yet another life-endangering incident, Jack's flying high on a brilliant plan and some pretty serious painkillers....


PG. Written by Christi and Ryuu. Post-Secrets. Sam and Cassie's girl's night reveals some interesting information.


PG. Written by Christi and Ryuu. Post-Learning Curve. We introduce some more original characters, just to make you laugh.


PG. Written by Ryuu. Post-Out of Mind/Into the Fire. Overtired from his latest mission and having car trouble. It's no wonder Jack's a bit loopy.


PG. Written by Christi and Ryuu. Post-Point of View. As it turns out, Sam has more than a little trouble with that whole "twin thing".


PG. Written by Christi. Post-Forever in a Day. Some things are too sad for words.

Spun Around

PG. Written by Christi and Ryuu. Pre AND Post-Foothold. It's about time for Sam to come up with her own Brilliant Sock Plan, don't ya think?


PG. Ryuu. During AND Post-Shades of Gray. Jack's behavior calls into question the meaning of socks.

Invisible Increase

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Crystal Skull. Daniel finally catches on.

Novelty Yarns

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Nemesis and then throughout the beginning of Season Four. Sometimes, life is just fun.

Stitch n' Bitch

PG. Written by Christi and Ryuu. Post-Upgrades. We visit The Yarn Shop once again to see how they're doing.

All Tangled Up

PG. Written by Katrina, Christi, and Ryuu. Post-Divide and Conquer. Instead of dealing with Jack and Sam, Teal'c and Sam share some screentime for a change.

Twisted Ribs

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Beneath the Surface. Dealing with Jonah and Thera, Stitches style.

A Bit of Lint

PG. Written by Katrina and Christi. Post-Tangent. Cold people need sweaters. Sweaters are made of yarn. Yarn leaves lint.

The Knitty Gritty Truth

PG. Written by Christi and Katrina. Post-The Light. Three weeks is more than enough time to get them in some serious trouble.

At Knit's End

PG. Written by Katrina. Post-Entity. Could this be the end of socks?

Purls of Wisdom

PG. Written by Christi. Post-Rite of Passage. Cassie has a lot of crap to deal with for a fifteen year old. Luckily, she has plenty of eager helpers.


PG. Written by Katrina and Christi. Post-Desperate Measures. Jack needs to come up with another Brilliant Plan.

Sketchy Mending

PG-13. Written by Christi and Katrina. Post-Fail Safe. Time for a girl's night in.


PG-13. Written by Christi. Post-The Sentinel. The Yarn Shop crew decides that it's time for some tough love.

Dye A Lot

PG-13. Written by Christi and Katrina. Stretching from Meridian to Descent. Grief takes time. And socks.

Slipped A Stitch

PG-13. Written by Christi. Post-Abyss. Jack doesn't deal. He knits instead.

Bobbin' Along

PG-13. Written by Katrina. Post-Unnatural Selection. Jonas needs socks.

On The Fringe

PG-13. Written by Christi and Katrina. Post-Smoke and Mirrors and Sight Unseen. The world of SG-1 is weird. The Yarn Shop crew is starting to notice.

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     Disclaimer: We do not own Stargate: SG-1 or any of its characters. Though that in itself is a tragedy.