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Dye A Lot

by Christi and Katrina

Stretching from Meridian to Descent

One Week and Three Days Since Daniel Died

How anyone could manage to get such a small space so damn messy was a bit beyond Jack. But peering into what was – or had been – Daniel’s locker was a bit like looking under an eight year old’s bed.

Shaking his head, he heaved a sigh and began to move the mess into the bag he'd brought with him.

“Sir?” Carter’s voice came from behind him, laced with disbelief and even a hint of outrage. “What are you doing?”

He paused for a moment before reaching into the locker. “What does it look like, Major?”

“You can’t just dump his stuff into a trash bag like it’s nothing.”

Offering the bag of muddy boots and dirty socks to Sam, Jack shrugged. "This stuff, I can. The rest of it, I'll have to figure out."

That hint of outrage was a lot stronger when she finally managed to stutter out “With all due respect, sir, he just died.”

The constant headache that had been lingering behind Jack’s eyes for the past ten days flared up and he sighed, trying to will it away. “It needs to be done, Carter.”

“Not yet! I can’t…it’s just…don’t you even…?” she trailed off, voice frustrated and tight with grief and pain.

Grief and pain that Jack couldn’t quite face.

Finally reaching the bottom of the locker, he slammed it shut and hesitantly turned in her direction, searching for something – anything – to say.

Seeing as he couldn’t even quite bring himself to look at her, Jack knew that the perfect words were never going to come. “I don’t know any other way to do this, Carter,” he finally muttered.

With that, he brushed past her and headed out the door, ripping the tattered piece of tape that read ‘Jackson’ off the locker as he went.

Sam didn’t come out for a long time.

For his part, Jack tried not to think about why.

Two Weeks And Four Days Since Daniel Died

Teal'c entered Samantha Carter's lab quietly, making sure not to disturb his friend as she worked. He took a seat in the corner, facing her, then quickly becoming involved in the book he had brought with him, content to simply sit quietly as he had done for the last couple weeks.

Today, however, it seemed that his friend was not satisfied with simple companionship his presence brought, and the soft call of his name immediately caught his attention. "Teal'c...not that I'm complaining, but would you mind me asking why you've been coming in here lately?"

He had, in fact, been coming to sit in her lab every afternoon for more than twelve consecutive days and was a little surprised it had taken her this long to question his behavior. He closed his book and looked at her closely, seeing how tired she was. "Would you prefer I found somewhere else to read?"

She stiffened, quickly assuring him, "No. No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I just can't help but wonder why."

Teal'c met her gaze. "I used to spend many afternoons in Daniel Jackson's office," he explained. "After his passing, I found that I missed the camaraderie. I thought you might, as well."

Her smile was tentative, but present. "It has been a bit lonely," she admitted, leaning against her worktable. "What did you used to do with him?"

"Many things," Teal'c replied. "Often I would assist him in translating goa'uld artifacts. Sometimes, he would teach me the histories or ways of your culture." He glanced down at the book he was holding and smiled a little before continuing, "And of course, when I first came to your planet, he taught me to read your language."

"Sounds like Daniel," she said wistfully. "I'm trying not to dwell on it because I know he wouldn't want that, but I just...I miss him."

"As do I," Teal'c agreed.

There was subtle yet sudden comfort in being together in such a moment and Teal'c thought that they both felt the difference keenly. "What are you reading?" she finally asked, breaking the brief silence that had fallen.

He glanced at the book in his hands. "The Fellowship of the Ring. Daniel Jackson recommended it."

"Daniel would be a Tolkien fan," Samantha commented with a smile. "Are you enjoying it?"

"Indeed," he assured her. "Shall I read it to you?"

The offer seemed to surprise her, but judging from the wide smile that spread across her face, it was a pleasant one. "I think I would really enjoy that, Teal'c."

"Shall I start from the beginning, or..?"

"Oh, no, where you left off is fine," she assured him quietly, picking her tool back up and going back to examining the artifact she had been working on when he first arrived. "I've read it before."

He nodded and flipped to the page he had been reading before their conversation began. "...But go now with good hearts. Farewell, and may the blessing of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you. May the stars shine upon your faces!"

As Teal'c read the surprisingly apt passage, he thought perhaps her smile lingered a bit longer than it had in days previous. His own certainly did.

One Month Since Daniel Died

Janet Fraiser sat at her desk, finishing up paperwork for the day when her phone rang.


“Janet,” Sam’s voice came across the line, “I need your help.”

The doctor straightened, instantly on alert. “Are you on base?”

“Yeah, in the locker room.” There was a muffled curse before Sam continued, “I need a box.”

Janet frowned, confused. “Sam, I don’t…”

“A biggish box. ASAP.”

She was still holding the phone when the line cut off, leaving Janet completely befuddled. Deciding to just go with it, she shrugged and grabbed the first empty supply box she found, heading up to the locker room.

The scene that greeted her was…not anywhere near what she was expecting. At first glance, there seemed to have been some kind explosion. Of course, the only shrapnel left behind were socks. Single, unmatched socks of every color and pattern, spilling in a river out of Sam’s open locker into a mess on the floor.

Sam herself was crouched there, frantically trying to find a match for a chartreuse lace anklet and what appeared to be a warm brown knee sock. Not to mention the pink sock that she seemed to be unaware of resting in her mussed hair.

“Well,” Janet said with a smile. “This is new.”

At the sound of her voice, Sam looked up with relief clearing coloring her features. “Janet! Thank God. Backup.”

The use of the military term would have been ridiculous if it wasn’t so apt. “Care to explain?” Janet asked, coming forward and picking the stray pink sock out of her friend’s hair.

“I can’t!” Sam insisted, grabbing the sock. “I honestly don’t get it, Janet. I’ve gotten a pair at a time before, but never…this. I mean, he must have been stuffing them through the slats in the locker. I just opened it and…whoosh. Socks.”


“Lots of socks,” Sam confirmed.

“So I see,” Janet laughed, crouching down to help her match up pairs and put them in the box. “You have to give him credit, though.”

“For what?”

“For finally getting over whatever’s been bothering him. I mean, it’s been how long since you’ve gotten a pair of socks?”

“I don’t know. A year, give or take.”

Janet eyed the mess of socks everywhere, smiling a little. “Well I’d say this is about right, wouldn’t you?”

Finally getting what she was trying to point out, Sam looked at the socks surrounding them with new appreciation. “You mean…he just stopped giving them to me.”

“But he didn’t stop making them,” Janet confirmed.

If Janet didn’t know better, she’d swear that there were a hint of tears in Sam’s bloodshot, over-tired eyes. “You’d think he could be a bit more subtle about it,” she finally said.

“Sam, the colonel has all the subtlety of a bazooka.”

“Good point.”

One Month, Three Weeks, and Five Days Since Daniel Died

"Good morning, sir."

"Hey, Carter. Just called to say it's blue today."

"Got it."

Two Months, One Week, and Four Days Since Daniel Died



“What do you think, green today?”

Sam couldn't help but smile, still as amused by this strange little routine as she had been a few months ago when he started it. “Uh, sure. It’s been a few days of blue. I might have to change my socks to match though.”

As usual, a blatant reference to socks quickly caused him to fall silent, and it was only with a light prompting of "Sir?" that she got him to speak back up.

"Right, well...we can't have a flagship team who can't color coordinate," he said lightly. "Hey, I was going to stop and grab some breakfast for me and Teal'c. You want anything?"

Before Daniel, they used to eat breakfast together in the cafeteria every morning. Since...well, it had quickly fallen to the wayside as one of those things that they didn't discuss. Until now, apparently. And while a takeout offer wasn't quite the same as sitting down around a table together, it was certainly a start. "Well, I already ate," she admitted reluctantly. "But you might be able to tempt me with coffee."

"Real coffee or fancy coffee?" he asked suspiciously.

"Surprise me," she offered with a laugh.

That idea certainly seemed to cheer him up. "One coffee will be delivered to your lab pronto. An unknown coffee. A coffee of mystery, even."

She shook her head and couldn't help but giggle as she wondered what exactly she had just done. "I'll see you soon, sir."

"Drive safe."

Two Months, Three Weeks, and Six Days Since Daniel Died

"You're up early today," Carter said by way of greeting.

"Meeting," Jack explained as he wedged his phone into his neck so he could tie his shoes. "Anyway, today, we're wearing green."

"That'll work," she replied with a hint of amusement. "Though you know, one of these days it'd be nice if I could pick."

He smiled. "Feeling left out?"

"Not exactly. I'm just afraid if I keep letting Teal'c pick out my wardrobe, I'll eventually end up thinking that wearing body armor to the grocery store is a good idea."

Damn, how had she known that Teal'c was the one who picked? Not to mention that she had a totally valid point. "And we can't have that, can we?" She could practically hear his smirk as he drawled, "Well, she who saves our asses on a regular basis can have a say, I suppose...starting tomorrow, of course."

"Of course," she agreed.

Her laughter was the last thing he heard as they hung up.

Three Months and Two Days After Daniel Died

Sam had just rounded the corner with an oversized box when she spotted Jack and Teal’c talking to Jonas.

“Hey guys.”

The three men eyed the box and her precarious balancing act. “Do you require assistance with that box, Major Carter?”

“Oh, no Teal’c. Thanks, though.”

Teal’c inclined his head in response.

“What’s in the box?” Jonas asked curiously, as Jack tapped the side with a finger.

Sam shrugged. “Oh, just cleaning out my lab. I had some spare time and it was getting kind of full.”

“Spring cleaning time again, is it?”

She grinned outright at the colonel's teasing. "Well, not all of us can afford to use our offices as endless storage for the memos we don't read."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said lightly, a smile lighting his features to match her own. "In other news, Teal’c was just saying that we should invite you to join us for dinner, weren’t you T?”

Jonas frowned, missing a beat. “He was?”

Teal’c eyed Jonas for a moment before replying with a severe, “Indeed.”

Sam tried to curb her amusement as Jonas’ face scrunched in confusion. “Sounds good, where are we going?”

“We have yet to reach such a conclusion,” Teal’c offered, easily taking the box from Carter’s arms and moving to walk beside her.

“Thanks, Teal’c,” she nudged him, “I had it though.”

Jack rolled his eyes at Teal’c’s self-satisfied smile before slipping next to her, an easy hand ushering her forward. “Anyway, I say we hit the cafeteria. It’s apple pie night.”

"That’s fine,” Sam agreed, swiping her card for the elevator and watching the colonel out of the corner of her eye. “So, today was what? Amaretto mocha?”

Jack’s face brightened as they stepped into the elevator. “The woman swore it would taste just like the almond snickers bars.”

Sam’s nose wrinkled, remembering the sickly sweet, slightly burned taste. “She lied.”

“No good?”

“I believe Major Carter would prefer if you stopped picking various nut flavors for her morning coffee,” Teal’c offered.

For a taciturn alien, Teal'c occasionally had something of a big mouth. Sam and Jack looked at the jaffa for a second before Carter shrugged slightly apologetically. “I did like the macadamia nut one.”

Jack cocked his head to the side, grinning. “Carter, their list of flavors is unending. Excluding nuts hardly limits my options.”

Three Months, Two Weeks, and…Awhile After Daniel Died

Studying the proper behavior dynamics of SG-1 had actually turned out to be harder than Jonas had anticipated. He wanted to fit in with the team, but he never would have guessed that the relationships between the three people would be so complicated. During meetings and team briefings, there was definitely an aura of stern professionalism...well, as professional as the colonel ever seemed to get anyway. And not having been on a formal mission yet or allowed to leave the base, it only left him with team meals in the cafeteria to observe and try to mimic their behavior.

It was these observations that led to him spying a prime opportunity. To the side of Colonel O'Neill's plate was a thus far untouched piece of chocolate cake. "Hey Colonel, can I try a bite?" he asked cheerily, not waiting to spear himself a little bit. "I haven't gotten to try the all-chocolate yet."

The immediate sinking sensation in his stomach as he chewed his stolen bit of cake was a clue that no matter his observations, what he had just done was not socially acceptable.

"Uh, Jonas..." Sam raised a hand in protest.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled at the colonel's unmistakable glare. "I just thought...I mean, a few days ago, Sam took a little bit of your food and you didn't seem to mind."

If anything, this seemed to make the situation worse. "Jonas Quinn, would you please accompany me," Teal'c finally said, interrupting the silence.

"Where are we going?" Jonas inquired, standing quickly.

Teal'c placed a hand on Jonas' shoulder. "Away from here."

"Okay," Jonas agreed, relieved to leave the suddenly tense table. He followed Teal'c out of the cafeteria and into the hall, where they eventually came to a more secluded corridor. "I really am sorry, Teal'c. I was just trying to...."

There was a trace of amusement on Teal'c's face that made Jonas feel a little better. "I am aware of your efforts, Jonas Quinn. However, I feel that you may be in need of some guidelines."

"That would be great!" Jonas replied emphatically.

Teal'c took a moment to before he began, "It would be best if you did not model your behavior after the relationship between Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter."

"All right," Jonas said. "What about you and the Colonel?"

Teal'c raised an eyebrow and let out a terse breath. "I would not recommend it. We all have unique relationships built over time."

Realizing that he had maybe been a bit too eager to rush things, Jonas nodded. "Okay. So, I can just be myself?"

"That would be wise," Teal'c agreed. "Also, you should be aware that there are certain subjects that we do not discuss."

Wanting to avoid any conversational pitfalls, Jonas wondered if he should write these down. He could always do it later. "Okay...."

"Avoid asking Colonel O'Neill questions about the past. It has happened and it is now over."

"I can do that," Jonas agreed.

Teal'c nodded, still very serious. "Also, you may note behavior between Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter that is...unique to their relationship. It is best not to dwell on how it may be different from their relationships to others."

"All right," Jonas noted. "Like the food sharing thing. That's what? A male-female behavior thing on this planet?"

"It is indeed something of that nature," Teal'c affirmed. "Lastly, if you should ever hear reference to Colonel O'Neill and knitting, it is best ignored."

"Sure," Jonas said. "And what is knitting again?"

"We do not discuss it."

Roughly Four Months After Daniel Died

It was sort of comforting, how fires looked the same on every world. Everything else could change – the terrain, the team, even the stars themselves – but fires were always the best way to relax after a long day. Today had certainly qualified, with Jonas’ bright eagerness constantly clashing with the colonel’s distinctly sour mood.

Gazing through the flames, she caught the young alien’s eye and gave him a smile. His response was a full on grin – that was just Jonas.

The growl on her left, however, was a bad tempered colonel through and through. "Teal'c, check the perimeter, will you? I'm about to turn in for the night."

Teal'c nodded in response as he stood, "Sleep well, O'Neill."

"Do you want some company?" Jonas offered, also moving to stand.

"Sit down, Jonas," Jack barked before Teal'c could respond.

Jonas froze for a moment before sinking back to the ground. "I was just going to..."

"Just going to what?" Jack challenged.

Sam watched as Jonas' shoulders fell. "Just going to head to bed myself. If that's okay, I mean. Sir."

Jack made no move to acknowledge the man's response, causing Jonas to glance at Sam.

"Get some rest, Jonas. I'll see you tomorrow," she offered, trying to sooth his worries a little with her tone.

He gave a sharp nod to both her and the Colonel and walked to his tent. Watching him duck inside, she sighed loudly, causing the Colonel to glance her way.


She pursed her lips. "You know, you might consider being a bit nicer to the guy."

"Carter..." she could hear the warning in his tone but chose to ignore it.

"Sir?" she widened her eyes, waiting for an explanation that could justify his actions.

Jack's brow furrowed. "You know, you're channeling Daniel."

"No," she gently corrected, "It's just me. And I don't understand why you're being like this. It was one thing with the other replacements. Everyone knew they weren't going to work out." If she was honest herself, hazing them had even been sort of fun. "But Jonas...he stands a chance at working. And ambitious as he is, he won't put up with you forever."

"Carter." That I'm-your-commanding-officer tone was back.

Again, she ignored it. "I know...I mean, you're not a big fan of change and I get that. But...we need a fourth. It's been months. What's more, you gave him the go-ahead. He's got the skills and he's doing everything he can to learn how to work with us despite your efforts otherwise."

"Can we not talk about this?"

She narrowed her eyes a bit defiantly. "No."

"Major." Shit. He was obviously not in the mood for defiant.

"With all due respect, sir, I get that you're upset that Jonas having a permanent spot on the team means that Daniel really isn't coming back. But your actions aren't just making things difficult for Jonas, you know. They're making everyone miserable."

"Well they aren't supposed to," he defended weakly.

"And that's supposed to make it better?" His lack of response had them sitting in tense silence as the flames flickered in front of them.

"I know you," she said, reaching out and laying a hand on his sleeve. "You're better than this. Hell, you stood up for Teal'c within the first week of him being on Earth. You are a good and loyal man when you want to be. So will you just...stop? Please?"

Jack looked between her eyes and the hand on her sleeve. "So not fair, Carter." She raised her eyebrows. "See, I know what you're doing. And using your womanly ways is just plain cheating."

Sam grinned, squeezing his arm. "Not if it works."

"Yes, well," he grabbed her hand from his sleeve and placed it on her lap, returning her squeeze a little before letting go. "You might have a point about all the Jonas..." His hands twirled in the air, finishing his sentiment. "Anyway, your concern is noted."

"Thank you, sir," she replied, smiling warmly at him, "Besides, he did kind of save our asses while we were being drowned to death."

Jack scoffed. "Yeah, remind me to thank your dad for shaving few years off of my life with that water stunt."

"You weren't wrong about him cutting it too close."

"No arguments there." He let out a breath and they fell into silence for another brief moment. "But if I had to be in that situation with someone..." Her head snapped up, the smile on her face suddenly clearing.

"I'd rather we didn't get into situations like that at all," she replied.

"Sure," he agreed easily. "I'm just saying it could have been worse."

Her eyes narrowed at the mischievous glint in his eye. "You're only saying that because you got to see me soaking wet, aren't you?"

He shrugged, leaning back with a bit too much contentment for her liking. "Hell Carter, every job has to have its perks."

Moving on is a process. A process that through the power of fanfic, we speed up a bit.

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